An alternative to eye surgery

12th Feb 2019 Mike Chatfield
Comments 0 Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery

Plexr uses what is called the forth state of matter – plasma. It ‘sublimate’s’ the tissue being treated by ionising gases the gas particles in the air between the tip of the device and the skin being treated, to create an electrical arc (like a tiny lightening bolt).

Can your skin look and feel better?

11th Feb 2019 Mike Chatfield
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You're not alone if your skin is causing problems, all our therapists have suffered from the same issues, that's why we are best placed to provide advice and a course of treatments that will turn things around. We hold Advanced Skin Science Level 4 qualifications, that means we are the most...

What causes cellulite?

21st Aug 2018 Mike Chatfield
Comments 0 Cellulite, Fat Freezing, Fat Reduction

Most women dread the thought of stipping off to their bathers. Regardless of size, cellulite is the bane of most women’s lives, and can really affect self-confidence. It lurks mainly n the lower body, specifically the buttocks, back of legs and thighs and, occasionally, the abdomen. But what is it?

Menopause and our sexual selves

15th Aug 2018 Bronwen
Comments 0 Vaginal Rejuvenation

Every woman will go through menopause, which is the single most complex transition a woman will experience, yet it appears that we, as a species, are wholly unprepared for it. We all know about hot flushes or “tropical moments” as we hilariously underplay it. We also know about vaginal dryness...

My path to clear skin

25th Jun 2018 Bronwen
Comments 0 Acne, Testimonial

As is it acne awareness month, I thought I would write a post to share my thoughts and experiences. My name is Alice and I am working here at the GSBC and I have been suffering with acne since I was 16. I feel that there has always been a...