Exilis Elite Body Tightening, Contouring and Cellulite London

What is Exilis Elite?


It is clinically proven to destroy stubborn fat whilst improving the texture and tone of your skin. It does this by uniquely combining high-intensity ultrasound and radio frequency technologies. During the process of transmitting these energies into the skin, using Exilis Elite we can control the depth the energy travels.  Fat reduction is then achieved by targeting unwanted fat cells up to 4cm beneath the surface of the skin. This effectively melts the fat cells and over the coming days and weeks the body naturally flushes them away through the lymphatic system.


What areas can be treated?

  • Stomach
  • Chest (Men)
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Back 
  • Calves

Exilis Elite Body contouring London

How does is work 

We then apply a gel to the area and place the device on the treatment area. This area is exposed to thermal waves that shrink the targeted fat cells, and the radio-frequency separates the fat cells into clusters, mostly water, glycerol and fatty acids.

The former get absorbed through the lymphatic system, and the fatty acids are converted into energy after it is processed by the liver. As a greater number of fat cells are broken down over time, your body becomes slimmer, and more contoured.


How long does it take? 

The size of the area determines treatment time but tends to take somewhere between 20 – 60 minutes. To see the best results, we typically recommend 4 Exilis Elite sessions, although in your consultation they’re be able to determine the exact amount required.


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