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Before now, those who were hoping to boost weight loss and lose belly fat would have had to undergo surgery. Liposuction, a traditional fat removal surgery, was the ‘go to’ option for many people. It’s invasive, comes with a fair amount of downtime, causes bruising and can be extremely painful. This is why we focus our efforts on a non surgical alternative. At Battersea Skin & Beauty, we offer Exilis Elite. Exilis Elite is non invasive, painless and has no downtime for recovery. 

How Does Exilis Elite Work?

As we age, the production of collagen in our bodies slows down and causes skin to sag and droop. It also leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exilis Elite uses radio frequency and ultrasound to heat collagen within the skin, which destroys fat cells without causing any damage to other cells. This smooths the treatment area by tightening the skin and reducing fat. 

Using painless frequency waves, Exilis Elite heats fat cells that reside deep under the skin. These waves are able to penetrate skin to a depth of between five and ten centimetres, which means that the fat cells are heated fully and therefore die. There is no worry of other cells being damaged, as fat cells are damaged at a much lower temperature. When fat cells are heated by Exilis Elite, they burst and are disposed of by the lymphatic. This is known as apoptosis and leads to the collagen under the skin tightening, resulting in fat reduction and skin tightening.

Exilis Elite works at a temperature that will kill fat cells specifically without harm coming to other cells, skill or muscle. It’s important to remember that it’s not a weight loss treatment. It’s a body shaping treatment aimed at smoothing the body and reducing the volume of fat pockets.

Body Contouring With Exilis Elite

1 Area x 6 Sessions – £1000

2 Areas x 6 Sessions – £1500

3 Areas x 6 Sessions – £2000

Before getting started with Exilis Elite treatment, you will need to attend a consultation. This is where we assess your suitability and create a treatment plan. The treatment itself takes less than an hour and there are no side effects, which means you can continue on with life immediately after. 

We tend to carry out six weekly treatments in a full treatment course. We recommend you follow a lifestyle regime for the entire six weeks to guarantee the best results. This involves things such as not drinking alcohol, drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated. The regimen must be followed in order to get effective results.  

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