Feel Beautiful Inside & Out


Based in Battersea, we are a state-of-the-art clinic dedicated to helping men and women feel incredible about themselves every single day. 

With a highly qualified team of aesthetic and beauty experts on our side, and a passion for all things beauty, you’ll find that at Battersea Skin & Beauty, you’re in the best possible hands. 

We are situated on the banks of the River Thames, right in the middle of the thriving south London community. With excellent transport links and a location in the heart of the city, we are proud to bring our excellent service and revolutionary treatment options to the Battersea area.

We are passionate about helping you feel like the best possible version of yourself, and when you see the beautiful, effective results of our treatments for yourself, you’ll see why!

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Body Contouring

If you have sagging skin that requires attention look no further. Our skin tightening system uses radio frequency and ultrasound to heat collagen and destroy fat cells resulting in tighter skin.

Home Redo The Jersey Skin & Beauty Centre

Permanent Makeup

The Geneveve treatment is an innovative, safe and effective alternative to surgery and is the only technology of its kind providing complete vaginal rejuvenation with a single device.

Home Redo The Jersey Skin & Beauty Centre

Skin Tightening 

This is a superb method of tightening skin without the need for surgery. Using radio frequency and ultra sound to heat collagen and destroy fat cells, the procedure is completely non-invasive with no downtime.

Aesthetic & Beauty Salon in Battersea

Here at Battersea Skin & Beauty Centre, we offer a range of high end aesthetic and beauty treatments. All of our treatments are designed to improve your cosmetic appearance and boost your confidence. After all, don’t you want to be looking and feeling your best? Our team is made up of talented individuals, all of which have a combined experience of over 25 years. We are a strong, passionate and professional team of experts. We put your needs first and we understand what you want. We also have Dr Daniel Sister join us once a month offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments, which only adds to the list of things that we offer. With Battersea Skin & Beauty Centre, we make things easy.

“Trust us to take care of you and we guarantee the world will notice how good you look.We will do this for you consistently, with professionalism and passion.”